Smart Automated Inspection Laboratory

SAIL is an automated inspection laboratory for different container types, sizes, and contents bringing together CCIT, AVI and HGA all in one machine suitable for in-process, clinical trials and laboratory use.


  • All in one Industry 4.0 based laboratory
  • Ergonomic workstation
  • Scientific and objective inspection
  • 100% traceability
  • Time & cost saving

Tech Specification and Features

Technical Features

  • Container application: BFS, Vials, Ampoules, PFS, Cartridges
  • Products: Lyo, Liquid, Powder
  • Container Dimensions: Ø [10 - 69] mm
  • Speed: 50 - 500 cph (depending on configuration)
  • Technology: CCIT - AVI - HGA
  • Inspection Features: A COBOT optimizes the collaborative non-destructive inspection processes
  • Inspection Capabilities: Integrity testing; foreign matters, cosmetic and cap defects; Oxygen/Moisture/Carbon Dioxide level, Absolute Pressure value

Additional Plus

  • Single operator
  • Single validation & qualification procedure
  • Multiple inspections, containers, formats
  • Easy & fast evaluation thanks to real time HD display
  • Automatic Container Handling
  • New user-friendly touchscreen HMI, Android-like,22” size adjustable panel
  • Tool-less, no format change by means of automatic adjustments and regulations


  • SAIL modular structure provides adequate flexibility upon all 3 of testing technologies:
    • AVI (Automatic Visual Inspection)/ SAVI a collection of images is acquired using high resolution matrix cameras under designed illumination conditions.
    • CCIT (Container Closure Integrity Testing) non-destructive integrity testing in packages by Vacuum Decay Method.
    • HGA (Headspace Gas Analysis) inspection process is based on the Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS) method which accurately quantifies gaseous concentration levels.

Quality Assurance

  • Software designed to comply with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11
  • Visual Testing method conforms to current pharmaceutical regulations, such as USP – United States Pharmacopeia - General Chapter <790> and European Pharmacopeia § 2.9.20
  • Vacuum decay Method based on the approved industry standard ASTM F2338-09, recognised by the FDA
  • HGA Testing method in conformity with provisions of USP General Chapter <1207>
  • The Machine Qualification and Validation complies with requirements stated in EU Annex 15
  • Machine manufacturing process and materials are compliant with applicable GMP requirements.