RLD 400 EC

Leak Tester

100 % In-Line Machine for Non-Invasive, Non-Destructive Integrity Inspection for empty containers.


  • Zero downtime
  • Zero alteration of container features
  • Quality Ensured: No leaking containers due to: microholes, inappropriate sealing or cracks
  • Safe products for the end-user & manufacturers protection from financial loss due to recalls, lawsuits and potential adverse publicity

Tech Specification and Features

Technical Features

  • Container Application: Bottles, Composite cans, Lidded Tubes
  • Container Dimensions: From 100 ml to 1 Lt. bottle
  • Speed: From 100 to 600 cpm
  • Technology: CCIT
  • Inspection Features: Non-Invasive, Non-Destructive CCIT based on Vacuum Decay Method
  • Inspection Capabilities: Microleaks detection

Additional Plus

  • High machine adaptability & stability
  • Customizable solutions for line interface
  • Easy bypass and reduced downtime in case of interference thanks to safety clutches present in each testing chamber shaft and star wheels.
  • Quick Format Change: Automatic height adjustment


  • Container Closure Integrity Testing is a non-destructive measurement technology based on Vacuum Decay Method performed while the package itself is held within an hermetically sealed test chamber.
  • Vacuum Decay test measures the loss of vacuum inside the testing chamber as a result of headspace gas leakage from the package.
  • The monitoring of the vacuum level allows to identify microleaks and rejecting the faulty container.

Quality Assurance

  • Equipment test method refers to:
    • Approved industry standard “ASTM F2338-09”: “Standard Test Method for Non-Destructive Detection of Leaks in Packages”.