Making customers our priority.

Remote solutions (Ewon device)

Remote support is the fastest and easiest way to help for any trouble-shooting issues and consultations on maintenance issues.

Through Remote Assistance Bonfiglioli Engineering Specialists have direct access to the machines thanks to the Ewon Device, to diagnose cause of problems promptly, change parameters, evaluate images and software check.

Fast reactivity
Reduced downtime
Reduced risk of damage through BE guided intervention
Reduced intervention cost
Customer Service

All our customers are offered a wide range of Services including:
Remote Assistance via phone and e-mail: to collaborate with customer’s own on-site technician.
Service point: for services and support information, staffed with qualified experts to provide services from 7.30 am to 9.00 pm, extendable with customized solutions that can be discussed, to help answer queries in every part of the world.
Troubleshooting support: to help identify causes of breakdown
On-site field visits: to solve problems at the site through technicians with expertise on the machine.
Services agreement: BE suggests the option of establishing long term agreements with its clients to ensure preventive services & MRO support.

Short response time
Qualified experts for instant answers
Personal consultation by qualified staff
Coordination of timely field services
Formatting / Modernization

With Bonfiglioli Engineering you can revamp, modify and upgrade your existing machine range, for a new life cycle. We provide format sets (depending on the machine type), to treat new products and format types, to help improve and further complete the packaging line. (this may include both HW & SW modifications; eg. new HMI software can be integrated to your existing machine or additional conveyers or trays can be added to the machines).

New developments in market or regulatory requirements, introduction & advancement of new technologies & system etc. may make it necessary to make minor or bigger changes to the system.

These changes can include:
Options like JETS system that offer partial or full level upgrading of the existing machines, are available on request.

Increased flexibility
SW upgrade
Timely upgrades for controlled downtime
Reduced costs for upgrades
Remote access
Greater autonomy in maintenance
Longer and improved machine life cycle

Bonfiglioli Engineering offers its customers the possibility of repair of damaged parts, with original spare parts. Each part is inspected and repaired if possible and sent back to the customer.

Machine-specific spare parts are also offered on demand, to give you in-house stock for immediate installation, trouble shooting and repairs. Specific tailor-made agreements can be proposed for spare parts stock & availability.

Original spare parts on request
In-house stock always available
Spare parts

With Bonfiglioli Engineering, you can be sure to have your components replaced regularly with new parts when they are defective or worn out. We provide:

Supply services: procurement, quality control & shipping of used parts.
Check-lists: proving lists of all parts that most likely require replacement and thereby pointing out the parts that customer should have available on-site

Preventive maintenance

Bonfiglioli Engineering follows the “Prevention is better than cure” philosophy and helps to foresee the machine life cycle in advance by offering solutions preventively i.e. before the problems even occur. This way our customers can have the privilege of having proactive solutions and improving the current functioning and output of the machines too, for better results, with reduced operational costs.

Greater ROI in the longer term, for our customer
Reduced obsolescence
Near zero downtime
Customer is always equipped with state-of-the-art technology
Reduced long term costs
Assured upgrade by qualified personnel only
YOQ (Yearly Operations Qualifications)

As the pharmaceutical sector requires greater checks and is subject to greater regulatory restrictions, our customers can choose to adhere to Services agreement wherein the BE Experts advise on various issues and carry out an annual qualification operation (Yearly Operations Qualification) of Bonfiglioli machines, for the year to come.

Certainty of compliance to regulations, through dedicated BE personnel

Knowledge is power! We at Bonfiglioli Engineering, understand the importance of on-site training for correct and optimal use of our machines. Bonfiglioli completely supports & empowers clients with on-site training at the end of the S.A.T.

Bonfiglioli Engineering qualified technicians are readily available to impart and transfer their know-how to Customer personnel for easy use of our machines.

From 2019, BE also offers structured training programs through Webinars for imparting theoretical (through webinars) and practical knowledge (on-site & through tutorial videos), to help our customers use our machines efficiently. The training is available at any level, from beginners to advanced, depending on the Service agreement and machine-type.

Possibility of fully customized training sessions onsite
Possibility of making client personnel feel empowered
Well-prepared & expert client personnel that can optimally use the machines and prevent damage
Yearly calibration

Bonfiglioli Engineering experts can support you for carrying our annual calibration of the machines installed to help requalify the machine for the year to come.

Certainty of functioning
Feasibility Studies

Customization is the key strength of Bonfiglioli Engineering. We carry out:

Feasibility studies in collaboration with our client partners: to test new containers, new machine types, new formats, new content types, new defect benchmark standards, all of this to be able to offer our clients personalized solutions and create a solid foundation with them.
Innovation studies: on-going in-house trials for innovative machines and software development, for setting new standards for the industry.

100% customizable solutions for our clients
Expertise knowledge for our partners
Continuous innovation for offering optimal avant-garde solutions