Oxygen Level Analysis

Suitable laser beams, at a wavelength optimized for the measurement of a particular gas species, are transmitted through the headspace region of the container and received by a detector after passing through the container itself. Oxygen level monitoring is obtained with light at a wavelength of 760 nm.
Bonfiglioli Engineering HGA system is suitable for a wide range of different sized glass containers to be inspected as vials, ampoules, bottles, pre-filled syringes, cartridges and others. Molded and tubing glass of the clear and amber type are the containers’ materials that can be traditionally processed, even if our latest continuous technology improvements addressed plastic containers yielding impressive results.
Our solutions range from HGA stand-alone units, for batch processing and laboratory inspection, to In-line equipment, offering 100% inspection capability and allowing a production speed of up to 600 containers per minute with multiple laser units installed.
This HGA system provides unique advantages over competitors' solutions including:
  • The laser system performance is relatively insensitive to environmental factors such as oxygen presence; therefore, when performing oxygen level analysis, there is no need for purging the surroundings of the container under inspection with nitrogen
  • Standard containers, with known headspace gas level, are not required to maintain the calibration status for the laser system during operation
  • Inspection time and system warm-up time are shorter than that of other current commercially available system: this results in a higher level of accuracy at a given production speed or in the same accuracy at a higher output rate
  • Inspection of non-transparent containers is possible
These examples, and other evidence available upon request, clearly demonstrate better performance, accuracy, resolution and robustness of Bonfiglioli Engineering HGA system.aa