Force Decay

Our Systems are used for 100% Off-line Container Closure Integrity Test: 
Analyse the force level variation following Container mechanical pressing
Works on a broad range of hermetically form filled sealed Container systems as:
Plastic bottles
IV Bags
Force Decay method is accomplished by:
  1. Container mechanical pressing
  2. Container proportional reaction according to its status
  3. Reactive force level acquisition with dedicated force sensor
  4. Decision making (approval or rejection)
Pharmaceutical Container Closure Integrity Test
An example of this System: 
Central Turret
– 8 Package Holders
Test Section
– 4 independent Units
The Test Unit is comprised of:
A Plate connected to a step motor for mechanical pressing
A Container support coupled to a Force Sensor
An Acquisition Board

Sequence of Operation: 
Container Loading & Smooth-Pressing 
Minimum Force Level Check
Rejection of  Container with a Large LeakProgressive Mechanical Pressing
1st Force Level Reading
2nd Force Level Reading
Delta Calculation “Δ”= (1st – 2nd)

Decision making:
✓  Δ ≤ THR ⇒ GOOD
✗  Δ > THR ⇒ REJECT (Small Leak)
Leak Testing Machine for hermetically form filled sealed Package systems