Lid Deflection

Our Systems are used for 100% In-line & Off-line Container Closure Integrity Test:
  • Detection of Container lid deflection
  • LD: difference in position between two successive Container lid profile measurements
  • Applications: IV Bags, Pouches, Blisters,…
Functioning Principle:
  • Container is placed in a closely fitting Test Chamber
  • Container is subject to suitable vacuum
  • Deflection movements detected by means of Position Sensor Systems
  • The deflection of the Container lid profile is a quantitative indicator of the closure integrity
Sequence of Operation:
  • Vacuum is established within the sealed Test Chamber, with Container inside
  • Vacuum is disconnected and Test Chamber is allowed to stabilize
  • Leaks are identified by monitoring the Lid Deflection “Delta Δ“

Decision making:
✓  Δ ≤ THR à GOOD
✗  Δ > THR à REJECT  (Small Leak)
✗  1st < Min Level à REJECT (Large Leak)