The INDEX 500 Leak Testing Machine is used for in-line Non-Destructive Container Integrity Testing.
Containers coming from the Upstream line and are charged into central indexed star.
This indexed star is moved by step motor positioned above testing area, that allows you to insert this machine on the existing 
line, if the conveyor is in according to max dimensions admitted.
This step motor is able to change the number of stop position in according to container dimensions.

Provided by INDEX , Provided by Bonfiglioli Engineering

Technical Specifications

Tested Container Bottles.
Container Filling Empty.
Container Content
Machine Type Indexed Leak Tester
Testing Methods
Max speed 257
Min Container Dimension 6 x 6 x 20 (LxWxH)
Max Container Dimension 120 x 120 x 300 (LxWxH)
Testing Heads Number
Technical data may be changed without notice

The INDEX 500 can be built in configuration from Left to Right or form Right to Left, the machines is the same, so in the future you can change the inlet sense changing position of heads and a chute.
The INDEX 500 is designed to be inserted on an existent production line, this is possible if your conveyor is in according to max dimensions admitted. Machine base is equipped whit a photocell to check if the product determinate fault it’s effective ejected by the line.INDEX 500 respects CE normative.