Off-line Leak Testing Machine for Filled Aerosol Cans

The “LF-400A” is a “non destructive” machine which forms part of a new generation of off-line or laboratory leak testing for “Filled and sealed  aerosol cans and sprays”.
The machine is supplied with the following standard equipment :
- Machine built according to machine norms 2006/42/EC.”
- Machine frame in welded steel coated with several layers of high quality paint.
- Push-button for cycle start.
- Adjustable test chamber height according with container dimension.
- Microprocessor based electronics, with container file data base for management of various types of formats with test parameters controlled directly from keyboard.
- Vacuum pump.
- Visual alarm for rejected containers.
- RS-232 connection for dialogue with printer or other personal computer.
- Instruction Service manual.


Technical Specifications

Tested Container Monobloc , MDI .
Container Filling Filled.
Container Content Liquid.
Machine Type Laboratory Leak Tester
Testing Methods
Max speed Data available upon request
Min Container Dimension Data available upon request
Max Container Dimension Data available upon request
Testing Heads Number 1
Technical data may be changed without notice

• Fully automated test cycle sequencing with Containers manual loading and unloading.
• High leak detection sensitivity.
• Fast, reliable and repeatable test results.
• Non-invasive and Non-destructive Test Method.
• Compact and robust design.
• Enhanced easy-to-use HMI integrated functions.
• Maintenance-free.
• Easy to clean – no hidden corners.
• Cost-effective solution.
• Low power consumption.
• HMI Real Time display of Leak Testing Cycle diagram.